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Leonard Niehaus

Software Engineer

Personal Info

Name: Leonard Niehaus

Nationality: German

Age: 17 years

E-mail: niehaus.1301@gmail.com

Website: leonard-niehaus.de

Phone: +49 172 2458 460

Hobbies: Travel, DJ & Lightshows, Biking

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About Me

I am Leonard Niehaus,
a technology obsessed guy from the day I was born.

I have a huge passion for creating software which helps to make peoples life easier. As example: productity & management apps.

I started to have ideas and plan stuff as a little child with LEGO. I built stuff like car ferrys and roller coasters with functionality. With age 10, I built a straight ~20 meter rollercoaster track out of wood from a 5m high slope in my neighbourhood - put a cart on it and had a lot of fun.
I continued with a flight simulator, an alarm system for my familys place and many other cool projects.

With 14 I discovered software-engineering. I created a game-server and thought about web-interfaces to control game-related options, a desktop application which integrates with the game for a better experience and much more... . I learned a lot about networking, servers, Linux, ... and met a lot of international people over the internet.
This is how I discovered software engineering.

Now I'm planning online forums, tickets systems, ... and I have a lot of other ideas in my mind.

Why to choose me

I am very productive and efficient when I work on stuff which I am interested into. I also love to work in teams to point out the best ideas for the best results.

Also I have a deep understanding in computers and many other technology related subjects.

I've tought many people how to properly use digital stuff, so I've studied the ways different generations think about and deal with this. This allows me to create software with the best user experience.

My Passion for Technology

I have such a huge passion for technology, that I became one of those "crazy" people who have put a microchip in their body :P

Not only one, two different NFC chips in each of my hands, which I love to build projects with, like payment systems.

I'm Ready to see the world!

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My core interests

I work very efficient at all the stuff I do. Especially when it gets highly interesting & challenging.

Web Applications

I love planning and creating software. I do the implementation with Angular & Firebase.

Servers & Hosting

Experimenting with different operating systems to run serving applications is something what I love.

Smart Life

Finding technical solutions to make everdays life easier is something I do daily.

Think that's all?
more stuff I do / I'm intrested in

Aircrafts & Trains · Android · Automation · Bodyhacking · Carpentry · Contactless / Mobile Payments · Electrical Engineering · Engineering · Event Production · Firebase · Near Field Communication & RFID · Raspberry Pi · Robotics · Roller Coasters · Smart Home · Travelling · Walletless life

my powerful skills

Besides having a hard work ethic and being a good team player, I am also able to do the following things


Operating Systems

Windows, Debian/Ubuntu, CentOS, ChromeOS, Android


Web & Backend dev

I love creating PWAs with Flutter & Firebase with a backend from GCP


Google Cloud Platform

I am experimenting with machine learning APIs from GCP, as well as other products like Cloud Functions.

Check out my works

I always have a project in my mind and think about it all days. In young age I sometimes didn't concentrate on school enough because my brain was too busy with my projects.


Cititec Website

WordPress, Webhosting & Programming


Phoenika Reborn

Thinking, Networking & Web Hosting



Hardware & Carpentry

What people I've worked with say

I've worked with really nice people. Thank you for this awesome time!

My Experience & Education

I can't wait to have my school finished and dive into the life as a software engineer.

Jun. - Jul. 2018

Cititec Systems Melbourne, Australia


I worked for 5 weeks at the managed service provider Cititec Systems. I've setup machines, created a new website and started to work on a custom ticket system.

Sep. 2017 - Now

College for IT and Technology Neuss, Germany


I'm currently doing my diploma to become an information technology assistant. This includes advanced knowledge in programming, databases, networking, multimedia, hardware, operating systems and electical engineering

Jul. 2017

DMI Archivierung Leisnig, Germany


DMI is the leader in archiving sensible data for hospitals in Germany. I was working for digital long term achieving by converting paper files into digital data.

Apr. 2016

E. Büker Rohrtechnik Meerbusch, Germany


I was supporting the team for tube quality testing by analyzing the test results and helping the team for the delivery of tube machinery

Mar. 2016 - Jun. 2017

Privatschule Niederrhein Krefeld, Germany


I've successfully graduated and received a secondary school certificate

I'm a fast learner

Whenever I have time, I use it to acquire new skills. I spend a lot of time on Udemy and Codecademy. I mostly focus on backend web development. I also really love to take part at events from Google Digital Garage, as well as local meetups and hackatlons.

Keep in touch

Please contact me! I'm happy to talk to everyone.